90-100% Eco Healthy Fast-Food

Tasty Green Salad

Tasty Green is an eco-conscious, healthy fast-food salad bar, with ingredients that are sustainably farmed and sourced from local and 100% organic trusted partners and served with transparency

The customer takes part in a personalized and authentic ingredient-mixing food-making process at the salad bar and ends up paying at the cashier with a menu-selected or custom-made bowl

About Tasty Green

Tasty Green is a salad shop with a lot more! Tasty Green is a fast-casual restaurant that serves salads, redefining healthy fast food (that’s right, 100% organic food). It’s a destination for simple, real, healthy food. Behind the scenes, we’re just a group of awesome, fun-loving humans who enjoy experimenting with greens that taste good, and this is the story behind our name “tasty green”.

Tasty Green has built a supply network of market farmers and growers, from whom we receive daily produce deliveries, and we prepare those ingredients in-house, from scratch. We believe in cooking real food with the least footprint to protect our planet, and everything we do is based on that core principle.

Tasty Green was founded in 2020 by Joseph, to make a salad shop with a purpose:

  • Aims to inspire healthier communities, starting with the way people think about food. We want to get back to basics, to where it all began, bringing with real food the things that are natural, beautiful and healthy
  • You can customize your salad and you can make it any way that you like
  • It’s made right in front of you to order
  • There are ingredients in a way that you have never seen them before
  • You can come in every single day and never have the same thing twice

At Tasty Green our highest purpose is to make salads and make them well.

We are specialized in salads and proof to the world that “fast food” can be “good food”, “healthy food” and “sustainable food”. Most of our ingredients are local and all of it is organic (100%).

Tasty Green Facts

Tasty Green is self-funded. We haven’t ever brought in outside financing. Since our earliest days, this has been incredibly important in providing the freedom to shape the company and its business practices. This is far from the norm, in our industry nowadays, something worth taking pride in.

Tasty Green does not have a growth goal. We intend to continue hiring the best people as fast as we can and to continue scaling up our business as fast as we can, given our existing staff. Fortunately, we don’t have to make growth decisions based on any external pressures – only our own business goals. And we’re always free to temper those goals with the long-term vision for our success as a company. Ultimately, we win by creating solutions where the company wins, the customer wins, the community wins.

Tasty Green recognize that life is short. So it should be fulfilling and fun. Work is a big part of life. So work should also be fulfilling and fun. Life is short, so remember to always be kind and compassionate.

Tasty Green commits to shared beliefs, values and practices. Culture doesn’t just help attract amazing people like yourself, it amplifies their abilities and helps them to do their best work. All year round, we work to give our customers the best salad experience. We want them to leave Tasty Green feeling good – it’s real and authentic, inspiring and pleasant walking in and out of Tasty Green.

Tasty Green Salads

The changing seasons impact everything around us – from the weather and the environment to the way we dress and what we eat.

Tasty Green tweaks the menu according to the four seasons to stay relevant and dynamic and ensure the availability of products throughout the year.

Part of the menu will change within the changing of seasons:

  • Spring (March, April, May)
  • Summer (June, July, August)
  • Autumn (September, October, November)
  • Winter (December, January, February)

The seasonal menus are a salad build together by a base, topping, premium (optional) and dressing, including seasonal ingredients.

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